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Instagram may be more detrimental to your relationship and mental health than you think.

Instagram now has a feature on the app that tells you the average time you spend per day using the app. I just looked at mine and it says I average an hour and a half. That’s insane. That’s a lot of time to spend on one app. Needless to say, I used their other feature they now have that will send you a reminder to get off the app once you reach a certain amount of time. In that daily average that you spend on Instagram, you subconsciously look at other people’s lives and other people’s relationships and do nothing but compare yourself to them.

We all kind of know this, but now we have the science to prove that Instagram does more to your relationship than you think. brought in Oxford professor and evolutionary anthropologist Dr. Anna Machin for a survey of 2,000 British people to dig deeper into their ideas about love and relationships, and what they found what concerning but not all that surprising: 36% of couples and 33% of single people can’t cope with the images of “perfect” relationships they see on social media and on TV and in movies. Roughly a third – 29% to be exact- of adults surveyed admitted that they actually felt jealous by other couples on social media, while 25% tend to compare their relationship to those they see online despite the fact that we know Instagram is merely a highlight reel of someone’s life.

Now that you know this – really take the time you need this Holiday season to get off the app and to focus on your life instead of other people’s lives around you! I know I’ll be making a point to get my average time spent on Instagram down!