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Pete Davidson Breaks His Silence & Ariana Grande Responds

The comedian has been through a lot this year and for the first time since his split with Ariana Grande, he's speaking out on it.

It's been a whirlwind of a year for both Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande. They started dating, they got matching tattoos, they got a pig, they got engaged...and then they split. Pete Davidson has stayed pretty quiet on the entire split with Ariana, but now he's speaking out on Instagram.


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Even though Pete struggles with a lot of mental health issues, he seems to have a clear mind on all of this and is in the process of moving forward instead of backwards. There have also been reports of people having seen Pete on dating apps. Ariana Grande has even commented on his statement as well. It looks like she screenshotted his Instagram post and then put it on her story, with her comment. A fan wrote down some of it and tweeted it, and then Ariana Grande retweeted it with her signature black heart.

In her full comment, she also states to her fans that she will always have irrevocable love for him and she apologizes if her recent work has made people think otherwise but if it has then her fans are missing the point. We have to admit - they are both handling this split way better than we originally thought they would! We wish the best for both Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson.