"Modern Family" Star Loses Cousin To Drunk Driver

Sarah Hyland revealed on social media that her teenage cousin was killed in a drunk driving accident over the weekend.

It's a sad time for Sarah Hyland, star of the hit T.V. show Modern Family. She revealed that her fourteen-year-old cousin, Trevor Canaday, was killed over the weekend in a drunk driving accident. The accident happened over the weekend in Omaha, Nebraska. KETV reported that the driver allegedly ran a red light and hit Canaday's vehicle. In the vehicle were Hyland's uncle and her cousin.

Sarah Hyland revealed that the drunk driver, Jeffrey Eggerling, had two prior DUIs and attempted to flee the scene after hitting her uncle's car after the accident that left her cousin dead and her uncle clinging on for dear life. In addition to Hyland's tweets about the accident, she also shared a GoFundMe page that is dedicated to helping her cousin's family pay for funeral expenses. Twitter gave her a lot of backlash for this suggesting that she should pay for the funeral herself.

Please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers. Celebrity or not, it's extremely sad to learn that someone is going through a tough time.