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Over half of Americans want ONE thing for Christmas this year.

According to a Zelle survey, 58% of Americans would prefer to receive money as a gift this holiday season.

Holiday shopping can be stressful. If you go to the mall for your holiday shopping then not only do you have to deal with long lines and crowded stores, but you also have to deal with parking. If you’re a person of the times and you’ve traded in the mall shopping for Amazon shopping then you have a whole different list of issues. If you’re a Prime member then you don’t have to worry about shipping but you have to worry about packages getting stolen, ordering in time to receive by the holidays and so much more.

That’s why we’ve got the perfect idea for you which just so happens to be what the majority of people would actually like to have instead of a wacky gift that they might use or wear for just a few months. MONEY!

The Zelle poll found that 58% of Americans would prefer to receive money as a gift this holiday season, which is good considering 40% of people say they plan to give money over the holidays. They also found that 63% of the people who receive cash for the holidays will use it for either experiences, bills or personal spending. How could you really go wrong with helping to fund one of those three things?

Now that you’ve already decided a few people who you are going to give some money to this year instead of physical gifts, you’re probably wondering how you should give it. The survey was done by the banking App, Zelle, so they know everything. They suggest you give the money through a banking app. They point out that 20% of people who get checks for Christmas never cash the checks because they either lost it or forget about it. If you don’t have a banking app then the good ole Benjamin will do the trick!