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This week is looking pretty promising! Our listeners keep tieing with LauRen, but ties stay in the house…so LauRen is up to 5 wins! She’s got to win one more to close out the week as a WINNER!

  1. Kylie Jenner’s baby girl made a surprise cameo in one of her makeup tutorials and it’s a must-see. What’s the name of her & Travis Scott’s daughter? STORMI


  1. People are begging for John Legend and his wife to get their own sitcom after A Legendary Christmas aired last night. Who is his wife? CHRISSY TIEGAN


  1. Sources are saying that Leonardo DiCaprio is ready to settle down with his 21-year-old model girlfriend. What iconic film did he star in alongside Kate Winslet? TITANIC


  1. Cardi B just challenged her hubby into a friendly rap battle. Which member of Migos is Cardi married to? Offset


  1. Former child star Amanda Bynes says her role in the movie “She’s The Man’ sparked her drug addiction. What kid network did her tv series “The Amanda Show” air on? Nickelodeon