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Beyonce fans, you’re not going to want to miss this.

There’s a new hostel located in Houston that is going to offer “Houston-themed” rooms for their guest. Wanderstay Hostel clearly knows that Beyonce is from Texas and that she does a lot for her home state. To pay her some homage, it’s only right that one of their Houston-themed rooms include a room dedicated to Queen Be herself. The Beyonce room includes pink walls and an ornate mirror.

Since it’s a hostel, you do not get the room to yourself…you have to share the room. This Beyonce-themed room is for women only, but men can stay in any of the other Houston-themed rooms. There is a room dedicated to Space City and there is a Museum room.

Hostels are known for being budget-friendly and this one is no different. Most rooms cost less than 50 dollars a night. They even offer 10% off your first visit!

Check it out here.