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One win turns into two. Two wins turn into three, and now three wins just turned into four!


  1. Mel B recently opened up in a mew memoir written about her life. What iconic girl group made her famous? The Spice Girls


  1. Wedding bells could ring any day with Hollywood power couple Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas. Maney is hoping the reception will happen at Nick’s family restaurant in what Charlotte town? Belmont


  1. Lady Gaga has officially won her first award for her blockbuster film “A Star Is Born.” Who was her male co-star in that movie? Bradley Cooper


  1. Mariah Carey’s classic holiday hit has officially re-entered the charts. Finish the lyric: “All I Want For Christmas Is…”? YOU


  1. Anna Kendrick hilariously tweeted that she forgot she was in this Vampire vs. Wolves saga alongside Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson. What Saga are we talking about? Twilight