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The list is here!

We still have one more month left in 2018, but BabyCenter just released their list of the top baby names of this year and here are the results:


Top Baby GIRL Names:

1.) Sophie
2.) Olivia
3.) Emma
4.) Ava
5.) Isabella
6.) Aria
7.) Riley
8.) Amelia
9.) Mia
10.) Layla


Top 10 Baby BOY Names:

1.) Jackson
2.) Liam
3.) Noah
4.) Aiden
5.) Caden
6.) Grayson
7.) Lucas
8.) Mason
9.) Oliver
10.) Elijah


Almost all of last year’s top-10’s are still favorites this year. Sophia was No. 1 on the girls’ list for the ninth year in a row, while Jackson leads the boys for the sixth year in a row.