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You may love the original Pringles flavor…or you could be a BBQ or a Pizza Pringles fan, well what about Thanksgiving flavors for your favorite snack food?

We all are already obsessed with Pringles chips, but at this point in adulthood it’s more of a love/hate relationship. We hate how much we love them. Peach. Well…Pringles announced earlier this month that the snack food was helping everyone get into the holiday spirit by unveiling three Thanksgiving-inspired flavors: turkey, stuffing and pumpkin.

The company says those three flavors were the most popular of eight Thanksgiving varieties tested out by a limited audience last year. The chips released earlier this month and were only available to purchase online in a three pack priced at $14.99.

The bad news? Only a week later they announced that they had officially sold out. Now that you know about it, are you going to try and get your hands on them next year?