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It’s time to switch our gears into Holiday shopping and we’re just here to help.

Online shopping has become a nickname for Holiday shopping. We get it, you can’t get over the convenience of online retailers, but Nordstrom is going all out to try and win you back this season.

Nordstrom is a department store that has pretty much anything you need this Holiday season. From mens and women’s clothing to shoes to home goods and all the jewelry and the makeup you can think of…Nordstrom probably has the gift that you are looking to give someone this Christmas. Now the store has come up with some new perks that will hopefully make it easier for people to choose them instead of online retailers like Amazon.

Between December 3rd through Christmas Eve, the store is offering what they call early bird pickup, in which customers who order items can pick up their purchases at 8am before the store opens. As an added bonus, since the store is closed, staffers will actually bring the person’s items out to the curb for them.

That’s not the only perk. For those who want to shop later in the evening, the retailer is bringing back round-the-clock curbside service to 23 locations, which means between December 16th and 24th, customers in those stores can order items online and pick them up at any point day or night.

One last Holiday perk offered by the retailer include “girl scouts” in more than 65 stores to help shoppers, as well as gift wrapping in 70 locations for only $5 an item.


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