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This is one of the craziest stories I’ve ever seen!

Paparazzi can be so annoying, and celebrities will go to extreme lengths to avoid them…. but none more than Taylor Swift. 

There was a rumor going around over a year ago that Taylor Swift was being carried around in a suitcase to avoid being seen by paparazzi. I know, CRAZY, right? The rumor pretty much died off because people assumed it was too crazy to be true…. 


Well as it turns out, it WAS true; Zayn Malik confirmed the rumor this week!

In an interview with Vogue at one point in the conversation Zayn randomly says this:

“She was travelling around in a suitcase,” he says, eyes agog, of his pal Taylor Swift’s ability to avoid the paparazzi.”


Zayn Malik seems to be a pretty good source too, considering his long-time girlfriend, Gigi Hadid is one of Taylor Swift’s best friends.



Check out the suitcase photos from 2017 here!