Black Friday and Crazy People go together like Samuel L. Jackson and the word Mutha…(you get the picture).

I have never done Black Friday and I never will. Black Friday is a fraud. It’s not like they have 300 items in the store on sale at 70% off. It is like a toaster, 2 microwaves, and a lawnmower.

The insane in the membrane (Cypress Hill) part of Black Friday is the CRAAAAZY humans who take part in it. They line up outside the store like it’s the 60’s and tickets for the Beatles have just gone on sale, braving cold weather, skipping meals, missing school drop offs & pickups in their kid’s car pick up lines and for what?

To fight with 287 people to snag a discount card for something that’s gonna be on sale the next day? I just laughed at those idiots the same way I laughed at Arnold Schwarzenegger in Jingle All the Way when he did the same thing to get his very spoiled son a TURBO MAN Action figure. (Sindbad was in the movie too…He was the black dude who played the Mailman). Easy Money Son…QCB I’m out.