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She may be bad at love, but she sure is good at throwing shade.

Halsey and her ex-boyfriend, G-Eazy, have split and the rumors of new love have begun. Over the summer, Halsey announced on social media that her and G-Eazy were going their separate ways but a few months later their love seemed to find it’s way back to one another and they ended up getting back together. Well…it looks like the “Him & I” duo have split again.

Now the rumors have been flying about Halsey and John Mayer potentially becoming a flame.

You may think this is random…but hang with us. We’ll explain why it’s not.

When we learned the two superstars were friends, everyone was screaming friendship goals. We know they text…we know they tweet each other and comment on each other’s photos. It’s 2018, that means their dating right?




Halsey is here to tell you that they are just friends. See her tweet below.

Preach, girl! You guys will always be friendship goals though.