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It’s evident to see that this girl is singing with a broken heart.

In such a short song, the pop-star addresses two ex-boyfriends, her ex fiance, sends a thank you to her late boyfriend, Mac Miller, and addresses her father. WOW! Needless to say, we knew this song would be emotional for her to perform for the first time and it looks like it all happened onĀ The Ellen Show.



Things could have gone bad for Ariana Grande and that chair! Luckily, she’s a pro and laughed it off and got right back into it like a champ. Not too long after that laugh, you can hear her starting to get choked up. This girl has been through so much lately but still puts out music so her fans can stay up to date with her and relate with everything she’s going through.

One things for sure… Ariana Grande is one tough chick, and we will always have her back!