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This absolutely hurts my heart. Knowing that we live in a world of such ignorance, racism, and hate. We all want to believe that this hate doesn’t happen in our community, that it’s everywhere else. Well, guess what everyone, this type of hate, unfortunately, is everywhere. 

Growing up in inner-city Cincinnati, Ohio I never had to experience racism in any capacity. I honestly didn’t hear a racial slur until I was in high school.  Was it a different time? Absolutely. However, that should not make a difference in how we feel about and treat our brothers and sisters of different skin colors, ethnic backgrounds, or religious affiliations.

This was not the case in a community about 45 minutes from Uptown Charlotte. Recently, in a youth football game between 6 and 7-year-old children. YES, 6 AND 7-YEAR-OLD KIDS, some people, young and old took it upon themselves to yell obscenities towards the District 2 Blue Eagle team because they are made up of boys of different races. The coaches and parents of the Blue Eagles stepped in right away, using this moment as a means to teach and not to scold members of the other team. The Blue Eagle family knew that if it were to use this as an opportunity to scold the other kids and parents alike, that it would incite possible violence and arguments with the other team.

This incident also sparked the Blue Eagles’ “Color Blind” movement and “Color Blind” game. The Color Blind movement is a way to get parents and children to see past skin color and treat everyone equally with love and respect. The Color Blind game saw the Blue Eagles coaches, organizers, board members, and parents all wear black and white t-shirts with the hashtag COLOR BLIND on them to bring awareness and hopefully, an end to this ugly thing called racism.

Take the hate out of your heart, and the color out of your eyes. Love equally, for the world will be a better place.


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