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Check mate.

Ariana Grande has been in headlines for quite some time now, and it’s not stopping anytime soon. Let’s be real. The woman has been through so much over the last two years and each time she lets us know that she is going to eventually come out on top.

Case and point? Her new song thank u, next.

We were all anxiously awaiting a new episode of Saturday Night Live because we just knew Pete Davidson was going to have to address the recent split between the recently engaged couple.

Well…check mate, Pete. Ariana Grande dropped a new song Saturday night and it left everyone speechless with the song on repeat.

The song name drops all of Ariana’s ex-boyfriends, including Pete as well as her late boyfriend, Mac Miller.

Take a listen…



She also tweeted after the song was released that all of her ex-boyfriends that she mentions in the song got to hear the song before she released it. While they haven’t commented on the song yet, Ariana Grande took to Twitter again to reiterate the fact that this song was about self-love and was not meant to throw shade.