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1964: A kitten is surrounded by milk bottles bigger than he is.

Oh my! A milk that could heal your gut and make your skin glow.
Many americans have found that cows milk is just too hard to digest due to lactose intolerance, which also lead to food sensitivities, and an unhappy gut.

Milk intolerance leads to gas, bloating, and diarrhea as bacteria in the human gut ferment the lactose sugar instead.
Drinking goat milk and sheep milk have the same reactions as cows milk.
This gut healing, skin glowing milk is no surprise to some, but yet new to others, it’s “Camel Milk”.
Camel milk has been used quite a bit, and is popular in the middle east, parts of Africa, and Asia.
Camel’s milk provides an array of health benefits, its’s a rich source of nutrients and antioxidents, and is more nutritious than milk from cows, sheep, and other animals because it contains low amounts of milk sugar lactose and is easier to digest.

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