Kane Brown looks like he should be rapping about nice cars, flashy jewelry, lots of women not singing about Heaven and his Granddaddy’s Chair.

Country music folks ya’ll gotta forgive QCB on this one because I didn’t know Kane Brown was a product of Country music. I listen to all types of music that’s how I always been, that’s how I grew up.

My pops had a record collection that I still have that has everything in it from Johnny Guitar Watson to Ray Charles Country music album to Charlie Daniels. Plus I’m an 80’s baby…Duran Duran, Till Tuesday, Dan Hartman, Thompson Twins but I also am a Hip Hop Head too.

That’s first lol. But to see Kane Brown (who I’ve Never heard of) win 3 AMA’s in the country music category I was more shocked than the Kardashian family when Bruce made his announcement. I guess the old saying is true…You can’t judge a book by who’s reading it or something like that. Easy Money Son…I’m out.