By ChiccoDodiFC/Shutterstock

Footage from inside of Butler High School after a student was shot this morning showed mass chaos as students lined up near the exit.

Nearly an hour and a half after reports of the shooting surfaced, a student shared footage inside the school.

While taking the video, he said that a student had been shot and that a lot of students were upset and were crying after an emotional morning.

He also stated that class was still in session despite the shooting.

As the moments passed, the students began yelling and demanding to be let out as they grew anxious and wanted to reunite with their parents.

Just then, the doors to the school opened and students began rushing the door in a disorderly fashion.

Despite the chaos as they exited the school, both parents and students alike are relieved the shooting inside the school this morning was an isolated incident.

Authorities have also confirmed the victim has passed away.

Police have not released any additional information regarding the suspect at this time, other than they are currently in custody.

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