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Everyday millions of people go to the grocery stores to shop for groceries, and some of the time we pick up a bag of potatoes then nine times out of ten we store them in the refrigerator when we do not use them all because we assume that’s the best way to keep them fresh when we’ve opened them and haven’t used them all.

News Flash! Did you know sticking potatoes in the refrigerator could increase your risk of getting cancer?

The cold temperature of a refrigerator can convert the starch in potatoes into sugar, then you bake or fry the potatoes at high temperatures, and those sugars combine with the amino acid asparagine and produce a chemical called acrylamide, which is a chemical used to make paper, dyes, plastics, and also used to treat drinking water and sewage.

Studies have shown that not refrigerating your potatoes and deceasing cooking time to avoid browning can reduce acrylamide content.

So let’s play it safe when cooking and storing our spuds.

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