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1996 (L-R) John Lithgow, Jane Curtain, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Kristen Johnston, and French Stewart in the hit series "3rd Rock from the Sun"

Actor John Lithgow celebrates his birthday today (October 19), and while he’s appeared in many incredible films, his television career is also impressive, with his standout role coming from his Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning performance as Dr. Dick Solomon on 3rd Rock From The Sun.

3rd Rock From The Sun is one of the most unique sitcoms of the 1990’s, and in honor of our binge-watching times and Lithgow’s birthday, here are five ’90s sitcoms you should revisit.

3rd Rock From The Sun

Aliens…living in the middle of Ohio! Plus, it was the breakout role for Joseph Gordon-Levitt and provided another vehicle for Wayne Knight (aka: Newman from Seinfeld) and the fabulous Jane Curtin.

Season 1 Episode 105-Post Nasal Dick

When Tommy comes down with a terrible cold after a make-out session with his lab partner, Dina, the other aliens also get sick for the first time, and they're all convinced that they're dying.



One of the most underrated ensemble casts ever! And to paraphrase a line from a John Mulaney stand-up special, I miss Phil Hartman more than some of my own dead relatives.

Newsradio - Smoking

Bill and Dave are quiting from respectively smoking and coffee. When Matthew walks in they get mad at him.



Ellen DeGeneres has become a staple of the daytime talk show world, but let us never forget that thanks to her popular stand-up career, she landed a TV deal which led to the groundbreaking Ellen.

'Ellen' Season 2, Episode 1

The popular sitcom Ellen! (1994-1998), season 2, episode 1 All rights go to the makers of 'Ellen' Side note: I'm really sorry I didn't upload a video for so long, but my YouTube channel got hacked (and a bunch of other stuff happened as well).


The Drew Carey Show

The 90’s was the decade for stand-up comics getting TV deals! Drew Carey was another stand-up turned sitcom star, and when you stumble across The Drew Carey Show in reruns, it’s still as weird as ever. (Plus, it gave us the delightful Craig Ferguson. Bonus!)

The Drew Carey Show - Cleveland Rocks -FULL- Theme

I couldn't really find this anywhere else on youtube, so I took the time out to bestow the world with this great piece of artwork we call.. what ever great stuff the Drew Crew comes up with.


Spin City

Michael J. Fox’s triumphant return to television and another incredible ensemble cast and Connie Britton’s first major acting gig?! Honestly, there’s something for everyone in Spin City.

Spin City Season 2 Episode 5 - In the Heat of the Day

Spin City Season 2 Episode 5 - In the Heat of the Day.

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