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If you’re like us and can’t get enough of the song, or the music video, then we’ve got a delicious treat for you.

No, really. This music video simulates a treat pretty well for a music video. Five months ago, Adam Levine & Maroon 5 dropped a music video for their hit song, Girls Like You, featuring Cardi B. The original music video featured a star-studded lineup of power females, and the band is sticking to that for the rework of the second music video.

While there may not be too many differences, we’re not complaining. In fact…we’re questioning where our invite went. Oh well, must have gotten lost in the mail.




The original music video for the song is below. One of the big changes is at the end, which in the new video (Volume 2) offers a little behind-the-scenes footage, whereas in the original video it featured Adam Levine with his wife and daughter.

The rest just seems like a few minor changes, maybe even a little bit lighter in tone.