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Drive-thrus got their claim to fame in America for being convenient, good, and well…fast. Decades later that isn’t always the case. Today we celebrate the fastest of the fast foods!

Even if you’re the healthiest kid on the planet, you’ve had fast food before. It’s delicious, and sometimes you just don’t have time to go to the grocery store, get everything you need, cook, and then eat.

Well, now a new study has figured out what chains in the U.S. have the shortest drive-thru wait times.

Here are 2018’s top rankings:

  1. Burger King – Average wait time: 193.31 seconds
  2. Dunkin’ – 200.74 seconds
  3. KFC – 218.95 seconds
  4. Wendy’s – 226.07 seconds
  5. Taco Bell – 236.50 seconds
  6. Arby’s – 237.93 seconds
  7. Carl’s Jr. – 252.91 seconds
  8. Hardee’s – 226.07 seconds
  9. Chick-fil-A – 260.85
  10. McDonald’s – 273.29

Along with this study, they also found that while the speed is down for fast food drive-thru performance but order accuracy has improved!

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