Can't Beat LauRen Answers | 10-11

LauRen set a world record yesterday and continued her winning streak today. #Winning

  1. Hurricane Michael was made famous for being a powerful hurricane but this Michael was made famous from the infamous Halloween movies? Michael Myers


  1. Pete Davidson’s fiancé just put out a new music video and their pig, Piggy Smalls, made a debut in it. Who is his fiancé? Ariana Grande


  1. It was just revealed that Camila Cabello was kept away from the girl group she started with at the AMAs. Which girl group did she get her start in? Fifth Harmony


  1. NBC has given the green light for a new music competition series, this time focused on songwriting. True or false: NBC’s other music competition series is The Voice? TRUE


  1. The Internet is crying after news broke that Channing Tatum is now dating Jessie J. People are saying she looks a lot like his ex-wife…who is…? Jenna Dewan