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Halloween is approaching which is getting everybody in a spooky mood.

A home security site,, has released their second annual report that reveals America’s top-searched phobias by state. The top five searched fears from 2017 were fear of the number 13, fear of clowns, fear of holes, and fear of the ocean.

This year, the report shows that fear of spiders and fear of people are the top spot holders.

They’ve broken it down by state… here are some of our favorites:

California: Fear of Success (Achievemephobia: fear of living up to – or not living up to – one’s potential)

Florida: Fear of Sleep (Somniphobia: fear or aversion to falling asleep at night)

North Carolina: Fear of Driving (Vehophobia: persistent, overpowering fear of driving)

North Dakota: NO biggest fear!

South Carolina: Fear of People (Anthrophobia: the morbid fear of social situations)

Virginia: Fear of being alone (Autophobia: morbid fear of isolation or abandonment)


To see the full list click here!