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  1. Kylie Jenner had an adorable photo shoot with her baby girl for her 8-month birthday. What’s her baby girl’s name? Stormi


  1. Lady Gaga’s ex, Taylor Kinney, is singing his praises for his ex-fiancee and is very proud of her for her new blockbuster role with Bradley Cooper that hit theaters Friday. What movie are we talking about? A Star Is Born


  1. Ariana was watching SNL this weekend to watch her man and posted she loves her fiancé like Kanye loves Kanye. Who is her fiancé who is on SNL? Pete Davidson


  1. Ryan Lochte will be seeking help for alcohol addiction after a series of drunken altercations and accidents. What Olympic Sport did Lochte participate in? Swimming


  1. Congrats to Jamie Dornan! Who is expecting baby number 3 with wife Amelia Warner. Jamie Dornan is known for playing Christian Grey in what R-rated franchise? 50 Shades of Grey