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Join our fight to help end breast cancer.

We were lucky enough to be nominated to participate as ambassadors in the American Cancer Society Breast Foot Forward campaign. We like to think of ourselves as creatives here on the show, so they let us design a shoe that best fits our passion to end breast cancer! We teamed up with an awesome local artist, Tim Norris, and shared with him our vision of what we would do if we could create a shoe.

The Thought Process:

Each member here on The MRL Morning Show has somebody close to them in their life that has been affected by Breast Cancer. We each decided to pick an emoji that best represents that person for us.

Maney – Nail Polish

Roy – Firefighter

LauRen – Owl

Nicole – Lipstick

Here’s the finished product…


Now here’s where you come in!

You now have the opportunity to bid on these one-of-a-kind sneakers! They, along with others ambassadors’ shoes, will be auctioned online. All the funds raised are going to the American Cancer Society.

You can bid on our shoe here.