Catherine Lane brought this video to my attention last week.  Beyond being hysterically funny, it has some significance for us.  It’s a tradition every February that our girls’ travel group, including Tanner’s wife Missy, goes to Orlando for the Princess 5K at Disney.  This past February, we ventured to Universal for some assorted Harry Potter fun.  My girl Catherine and I pride ourselves on being the thrill seekers in the group.  We love roller coasters, and we try to find the biggest and baddest of them everywhere we go.  Nothing is too fast, too high or too twisty!  We had been eyeing the fairly intimdating “Rip Ride Rocket” for a while.  We deemed it looked somewhat harmless from the ground, so we would give it a go.  We soon learned that was a big mistake!  Although, sadly, there are no pics of what we looked like after the ride…Tanner’s wife tells us we were quite the sight.  Apparently our hair was a hot mess, we were moving quite slowly, and we may or may not have been a bit cross-eyed.  Regardless, she couldn’t stop laughing at the sight of us stumbling toward her proclaiming we had met our match.  So, in short, Jimmy and Kevin are not faking how traumatic the experience is!  At least for us, it was something we’ll never forget!  But, we’ll continue to seek thrills.  And, I’m glad I have my coaster riding sister.  Everyone needs that one friend who says, “Sure!  I’m up for it!”