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Ended last week strong and started this week strong as well!

  1. Dak Shepard’s actress wife is catching some heat on social media because she smoked God’s Green Earth in front of Dak even though he’s a recovering addict. Who is Shepard married to? Kristen Bell


  1. Kim Kardashian’s husband was on Saturday Night Light where everyone thought he would drop his new album- but he didn’t. Who is her husband? Kanye West


  1. Taylor Swift & BF Joe Awlyn made a rare public appearance over the weekend. Who was Taylor Swift’s popular DJ ex-boyfriend? Calvin Harris


  1. Ariana Grande’s fiancé was all over SNL this weekend. Who is he? Pete Davidson


  1. 15 years after it opened, Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth reunited on NBC for a special spinoff of their hit Broadway musical. What musical did the 2 star in together? Wicked


LauRen now has 17 wins!