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A reporter caught and confronted multiple people who were lotting at a local dollar store during the aftermath of Hurricane Florence.

Unfortunately, looting is something that happens. This one reporter who was covering Hurricane Florence in Wilmington, NC ended up catching the act of looting happening on camera and even confronted some of the people.

Watch below.

WATCH: Looters raid Wilmington Family Dollar

UPDATE: Around 6 p.m. officers arrested five individuals who broke in and looted the Dollar GeneralCAUGHT ON VIDEO: News crew arrived to find dozens of people carrying items out of the store.STORY ยป

Posted by WBTV News on Saturday, September 15, 2018


Wilmington police said that they were aware that looting was going on at the Family Dollar and that the store’s management had specifically told them not to intervene. That’s right. After police reports had been made and people had complained, Family Dollar told the police to stand down and that they didn’t want anybody to be arrested because of the incidents.

It looks like Wilmington Police have decided to find these people and charge them to the fullest extent of the law.