(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Kendall Jenner Nudes Have Been Released & Twitter Reacts

Twitter has a reaction to everything, especially nude Kendall Jenner photos.

Kendall Jenner is featured in an upcoming book, "Angels," shot by photographer Russell James. There are nude photos of Kendall Jenner in there and they've already been leaked online. The Twittersphere had things to say about the photos. A few of the shots appeared to show the supermodel in her birthday suit doing things such as riding a horse, climbing a tree, lounging in a pool, and even running on a beach.

The photos were leaked before the release date of the book, but here are some of the responses to the photos.

  • @HoarseWhisperer wrote: "Everybody's talking about the picture of Kendall Jenner naked on horseback. Listen, I needed the money."
  • @Princessxniya wrote: "Kendall Jenner naked pics are trending following her sister steps #kendalljennerisoverparty"
  • @TheBloggess wrote: "Listen. I don't care what Kendall Jenner is doing. Do not put your bare lady garden on a horse and ride around. You will get crotch mumps."
  • @BritniDWrites wrote: "Personally, I don't care if Kendall Jenner is naked. She's naked in the least Kardashian/Jenner way possible," she also tweeted, "Also, it's quite interesting how people are discussing/shaming her natural body. Moral of the story? Whether you have enhancements or are natural, folks will talk ish."


So far, Kendall Jenner hasn't commented on the tweets or on the leaked photos.