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Even Drake gets ghosted apparently!

Heidi Klum will be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show for an interview, airing Sept. 11, and she shared a pretty hilarious story!

Last time she was on the show — just six months ago — Ellen tried to find Heidi her dream man through a game of Who’d You Rather? The supermodel consistently chose Drake over a lot of other  bachelors.

Well Drake must have seen it, because he actually reached out to Heidi after…but she was already seeing her now-boyfriend, Tom, by the time he did, so she didn’t pursue it.

But instead of just saying no to Drake, Heidi DIDN’T EVEN REPLY!

Ellen then jokes with Heidi that she “Ghosted” Drake, and the America’s Got Talent judge used it as her opportunity to issue an apology.

“Drake, I’m sorry I didn’t text you back,” she said to the camera. “You’re cool. I still love your music and I’ll probably come to a concert very soon. I’ll buy a ticket.”

I’ve got to admit, as someone who has been ghosted before, it makes me feel a little better to know that even DRAKE can get ghosted.