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September is National Yoga Month, so in honor of that yoga teachers are revealing some things that people aren’t telling you about yoga.

Yoga is super trendy right now. Not only is it relaxing and good for your mind but the benefits it has on your body is outstanding. No matter your age or your athletic ability…if you are able to breathe then you are able to do yoga and benefit from it.

In honor of National Yoga Month yoga teachers are spilling all of the beans that you probably don’t know about yoga:

  • You don’t technically “do” yoga – Yoga teacher Susan Shumsky says that “yoga is a state of being – not something you do on a mat in a gym.”
  • You might get sore, really…really sore
  • It might feel overwhelming at times
  • You’ll become a teacher to your body¬†– You will learn what your body needs versus what it wants
  • You’ll become more “regular”¬†– Yoga teacher Claire Jacques explains that sometimes yoga postures can help your digestive system get things rolling (if you catch our drift)
  • The advanced poses are the least interesting thing about yoga – the poses you see people posting on Instagram are not the real experience.


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