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Ever think winning $500 dollars could be easy as 1, 2, 3? We’re happy to say IT IS with Kiss 95.1’s Wake Up and Win contest and we’ve laid out the steps to prove how.

Step 1. Click HERE and tell us what time YOU wake up with The MRL Morning Show!

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Step 2. Set your alarm using the Kiss 95.1 mobile app and get a good nights rest because you best be alive and alert because once your name is called…get ready for step three!

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Step 3. Once you hear your alarm go off and hear The MRL Morning Show mention your name, you’ll ONLY have 15 minutes to call 704-570-9595 to claim your prize and BINGO you become $500 richer!

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(Bonus Step) GO CRAZY and fill your online shopping cart with goodies galore because you’ve just become $500 dollars richer thanks to Wake Up and Win with The MRL Morning Show

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Wake Up and Win is running all the way through June 8th, 2018 and one entry will randomly be picked per weekday morning so cross your fingers cause it could be YOU!


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