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Paid time off to visit with your furry friend?

A Minneapolis marketing company recently made some changes to their employee benefits this summer and we are all fans of this new benefit! The company has allowed employees to take a week off on paid leave to accompany a new pet of theirs into there house. So yes, you can enjoy time off of work to take care of your furry little friend! An employee by the name of Mr. McCarthy was reading up on news, that showed it can be very stressful for the animal to get used to his new home and that they needs time to settle in. He then decided to adopt a dog of his own and sent out an email to his boss saying he wanted to take time off of his own to make sure his new friend could get adjusted to everything. Immediately he received a response saying absolutely. So now Mr. McCarthy can take the time of his own to make sure he and his friend are in tip-top shape! Don’t you wish every job was like this?