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Imagine coming home to the surprise that your husband won $350,000 from playing the lottery! 

When it comes to your spouse, you typically tell them everything from what you ate that day to how your day at work was, but that wasn’t the case for this Missouri man.

Robert Beck matched all five numbers correctly, making him a $350,000 jackpot winner. After he confirmed his numbers on Thursday he was able to keep that good news to himself until Sunday…which is when he told his wife. He didn’t just have a conversation with her, he went big. He walked into a room with a large sign announcing that he hit it big.

His wife admits that she gets emotional pretty easy, but this time all of her emotions were happy emotions! Robert decided to give her roses as well, hoping that with the amount and the sweet gesture she wouldn’t stay mad at him long for keeping the secret for as long as he did.