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A study shows what you listen to could correlate with your income

TDAmeritrade did a study where they questioned 1,500 millennials to see if there was a correlation between musical interest and income. Even though they only surveyed millennials, the company believes their findings hold true for all age groups. What did they find?

The study found out that fans of classical music make more money than fans of other musical genres. Those who listen to classical music are more likely to make six figures than other genres!

Overall, the survey found the following average incomes for each music genre:

  • Classical – $114,000
  • Electronic – $92,000
  • Rap/Hip-hop – $69,000
  • ’80s/’90s – $67,000
  • Hard Rock – $65,000
  • Pop/Top 40 – $61,000
  • Country – $58,0900