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Have you ever lived in a city where rent is too high to pay? 

A new report revealed that ten U.S. cities have rent that are too high to pay if you want to live in a two bedroom apartment without selling everything you own in order to make payments. The city that has it the worst is San Francisco, where residents are having to make $188,000 a year in order to live comfortably in a two bedroom apartment. That sounds great except $103,801 is about the average household income in San Francisco.

In order to live in a household in one of the below U.S. cities, you will have to make at least six figures to live in a comfortably two bedroom apartment.

Income Prices that you need to pay rent In America’s Largest Cities

  1. San Francisco, CA ($187,800)
  2. New York, NY ($162,386)
  3. Boston, MA ($143,829)
  4. San Jose, CA ($123,343)
  5. Los Angeles, CA ($118,843)
  6. Washington, DC ($108,300)
  7. Chicago, IL ($102,043)
  8. Seattle, WA ($96,214)
  9. San Diego, CA ($94,586)
  10. Denver, CO ($73,714)