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Starbucks has always been credited for being forward-thinking, and this is no different!

Starbucks has always prided themselves on being a “safe-spot” for people who don’t typically feel accepted. They have always been welcome to the LGBTQ+ community and now they are getting more serious about their plastic initiative by getting rid of all plastic straws. Great job, Starbucks!

Now they deserve an even bigger praise.

Starbucks is set to open a cafe that will cater to folks who are deaf or hearing impaired. They are converting one of their stores in Washington, DC into a Signing Store in October of this year. The store will be staffed by employees who are partially or fully deaf and can communicate using sign language. They will wear ASL aprons, and will wear pins that say “I Sign.”

In addition to this, they will also have other deaf-friendly features, like low-glare reflective surfaces. The coffee chain already opened their first Signing Store in Malaysia in 2016.

Do you know sign language? How long did it take you to learn? If you do, this may be a job opportunity for you!