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Your wedding day is a special day. It’s a day that is meant to be spent with close friends and family while dancing the night away and eating good food. How far would you go to cut costs on your wedding day food?

Some people go above and beyond for their wedding day menu and have several meat options like filet, seafood, and other prepared dishes. Other people go the easy route and just do a restaurant that they know and love and have them cater the wedding. The bill for the food alone can get pretty pricey, so how far would you go to cut costs?

One couple, Cherie Harris and James Mainwaring, wanted to have an environmentally friendly wedding. That’s when they called in The Real Junk Food Project to help cater their wedding. What is that you may ask? They are part of a global movement aiming to abolish surplus food through a variety of pay as you feel concepts.

The foods that were on the wedding menu were foods that if not served at the wedding were on their way to the waste bin. Yes, we mean the trash; However, the food was still fresh enough to eat. The menu included chicken and bacon pies, sausage and bean cassoulet, ratatouille, cold meats and even a cheese board. The estimated cost for each person to eat was only eight dollars.

Would you have been open-minded walking into a wedding where you knew the food that was being served was a few steps away from being in the trash can? Cherie & James didn’t think their guests would be completely open to the idea, so they waited until after the wedding to fill them in. Overall, they were shocked but impressed!