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Are You Micro-Cheating?

We all get our heads wrapped around the fact that cheating is physical, but cheating can be so much more than that. Thanks to a new term, micro-cheating, a lot of things you do are about to come into question.

Just because you have never made out or moved furniture with another person doesn't mean you aren't guilty of being shady towards your boo.

Micro-cheating is defined by small acts considered disloyal within a relationship, nothing too serious but not innocent either.

Here are some signs you might be micro-cheating:

  • You have people listed as fake names in your phone
  • You haven't deleted your old dating app profiles
  • You've had contact with an ex on social media
  • You're really close with someone you've never introduced to your partner
  • You regularly like someone else's posts on social media.


Good news is that if you are guilty of any of these things, you aren't completely cheating yet...but you might want to start being aware of what it is that you're doing! A lot of these things may seem innocent but have full potential to lead to full-on cheating.