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We all have known LauRen to be her own private investigator, especially when it comes to finding out if she or a friend is being cheated on. If something is too crazy for her…that’s really saying something.

Now, LauRen isn’t really crazy BUT she has a special sixth sense that it seems only females have. You give her just two details about somebody and a few minutes later she will be able to find out three more.

One of LauRen’s friends is going through a break-up and is still pretty emotional over it, even though they broke up roughly three months ago. Recently, her friend had gotten word that her ex had already moved on and wasn’t handling that news very well, so asked LauRen if she would do a “drive-by” on his house to see if the rumors were true.

Well…LauRen said no. She said that was even too crazy of a thing for her to do. We were so fascinated that multiple people have been asked to do this and even more have gone through with it!