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We know Becca endured more than most Bachelor contestants, but did she finally get the happy ending she wanted when it was her turn to call the shots?

Nobody can forget the infamous “change of heart” from last season’s Bachelor Arie Luyendyk that left Becca devastated and still searching for love.  As the new Bachelorette, she set out to find the real deal.  And she’s thinking she may have done just that!

After a long, drama-filled season, Becca was down to two great guys that she had developed very strong feelings for.  The finale consisted of Blake and Garrett both trying to win the hand and heart of their leading lady.  And while Becca opened up about her true feelings for both men, she couldn’t deny that her connection with Garret was stronger.  Blake, who expressed his genuine love for what he thought to be his future wife, was completely blindsided by her choice of Garrett and admitted to having a hard time once the cameras stopped rolling.

Garrett reported that he thought he would lose Becca over his Instagram scandal, but when she gave him the final rose, he gave her a ring.  She was able to look past the social media madness and accept Garret’s proposal- even revealing that the two plan on moving in together very soon!

Despite her happy ending, Becca and Blake shared an emotional moment during their reunion when Blake relived how wrong he was about their relationship.  He was clearly still recovering from the heartbreak but handled it all very respectfully and maturely.  As for Garret and Becca… only time will tell!