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Facebook continues its quest to be the most used app by now adding a dating feature for users…

It’s no secret that Facebook has been at the forefront of some negative publicity over the past few years, but that hasn’t stopped them from trying to expand upon their features and what their users may want.  With many dating apps out there, Facebook knew it had to compete in some way, so here are a few perks from using their dating option:

  • It will offer five gender choices for all users- (woman, trans-woman, man, trans-man and non-binary people)
  • It won’t be visible to your “friends” on your profile, helping to keep it discreet
  • It will only match you with others that you have “mutual friends” with

Some people aren’t taking to this new Facebook feature because of the amount of personal information the app already requires from its users.  But some others don’t mind keeping everything within the same app for easier use and love that current “friends” wouldn’t be able to see that part of their profile.  This portion of the Facebook app is still being tested within the company with employees checking the feature for “bugs and confusing user interface.”

If you’re sick of your old dating apps, Facebook dating might be for you!