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Because who doesn’t need more money?

It seems like these days everybody has their own side hustle. Whether it’s just for fun and for something to do or if it’s actually needed to pay the bills…it just seems like everybody has one. Take The MRL Morning Show for example. Roy has his own production company, LauRen is a fashion blogger and now we welcome Producer Nicole to the side hustle world! While she’s no stranger to working multiple jobs, this begins her side hustle journey since moving to Charlotte.

Being in morning radio, sometimes we have the entire afternoon wide open since we get done so early some days. Producer Nicole thought this would be a great opportunity to get a side hustle! She found one in an app called Rover! It’s basically a dog AirBNB. You can get someone to walk your dog, feed your dog, house sit, etc.


Thanks for being my best friend #adoptdontshop #mcm ???? : @jesstuhyo

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We decided to open up the phone lines to see who else has a side hustle. Turns out…quite a few people have one!