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People magazine revealed the top companies that are about more than just making money.

Quality of life and work-life balance have become such an important thing to a lot of people when it comes down to picking and choosing jobs. We are moving out of an era where all people care about is how much they get paid. Yeah, getting paid well is great and all but what good is a hefty paycheck when your bosses require you to spend all waking hours at the office doing work, or if the working environment inside the office is awful. These things have all been added up and calculated and resulted in “People’s” Top Ten “Companies That Care.”


  1. Salesforce
  2. Deloitte
  3. Ultimate Software
  4. Comcast NBCUniversal
  5. Edward Jones
  6. Adobe Systems Inc.
  7. Intuit Inc.
  8. Genetech
  9. SAP America
  10. Cisco

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