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Trouble in paradise?

Kourtney Kardashian and her boyfriend, Younes Bendjima, have been dating for some time now, but last night he threw major shade in the comment section of her latest photo.

Kourtney shared this picture:

don’t be shady, be a lady☀️

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Bendjima, 25, left a VERY shady comment, that read,

“Thats what you need to show to get likes?”

WOAH! He’s since deleted the comment, and claims it was a joke.

However, now sources close to the couple are claiming that Younes has always had a problem with Kourtney posting revealing pictures.

“He never liked that she posted sexy pictures of herself on social media. He doesn’t want his girlfriend to do that. He gets that it’s her job, but wants her to post more covered up pictures. He has always had a problem with this. This is the stuff they argue about and what made them split in the past.”

With all do respect to Younes, he is dating a Kardashian… They’re pretty well known for posting VERY revealing pictures.