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New year, three new iPhones.

Are you bored of the same iPhone colors that are available each time you upgrade? Everyone was excited when rose gold became an option, but now you may be in luck if you’ve been wanting more!

Say goodbye to the phone cases that make your phone pretty, because Apple says we can expect up to three new models of the iPhone this year.

Reports say we can expect colors like blue, red, yellow, orange, and even pink! iPhone game on fleek, are we right!?

To spice up your iPhone game even more they are talking glass backs for wireless charging and no more plastic like the 5c gave us. The models are still in prototyping stages, so don’t get your hopes up just yet but it is entirely possible that they’ll drop some colors before it’s all said and done.

Don’t go upgrading yet…you might want to wait for one of these models!


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Source: Phone Arena