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Avocado Chocolate Bars Are Now A Thing, Millennials Obviously Blamed

People love Avocados, but nobody will be cited for loving Avocados more than Millenials. 
We put it on toast, we put it in salads, mash it up and put it on taco shells, and don't even get me started on people who do Keto.

Now, a Los Angeles-based boutique candy shop named Compartes is selling An Avocado Toast Chocolate Bar.

Their description shares that it is cast in "creamy white chocolate blended with premium California avocados and crunchy bits of caramelized toast."


Okay, is it bad that I want to try this really, really bad and do a review on it?! I mean, it's for SCIENCE!

Of course, Millenials are being blamed:


But hey, if it doesn't suck, is it really such a bad thing?!