Well, that’s just greaaaaat.

If you’re still using the app Timehop, you may have just gotten your data hacked into (what’s new, if you use Facebook, right?).

According to CNET, the company shared they were fighting off an attack on the 4th of July, and “names, email addresses, and some phone numbers of its users were taken,” as well as some phone numbers associated with the accounts.

They did, however, share that none of the “memories” were touched, so you won’t see your Great Aunt Sally drunk from the last 4th of July party on a banner for a dating site anytime soon.

The downside is, the access tokens were taken, so that might mean they had access to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts, and they have since deauthorized said tokens, so if you use Timehop, you may need to log back in.